A layout and organizational plan is key when designing a superior automotive system. One would never design a home without a blueprint, and a vehicle is no different.

Our design staff works with you to discover your wants and desires for your driving machine - we plan together to make your driving experience everything you imagine it can be.


We master many different construction processes, infusing those with several different composites.

It’s a true craft in its own; blending the trades of woodworking, leathercraft and welding with engineering.

Our Passion Is Creating, whether an audible listening experience, or physical “hands on” production.


We demand perfection in every facet of our processes.

Paramount is our care for your vehicle while in our possession. We thoroughly inspect your car before any work is begun, apply protective materials to surfaces we will access, and inspect all finished work in duplicate.

It’s how we offer the best automotive experience imaginable.

We care for yours as if it were ours.


This is where we draw the line between basic installation and the STREET SMART method. We believe that the best designs and technology must be matched by the best craftsmanship.

We will not dilute or compromise the integrity of a well-designed vehicle. Our mission is to match and enhance the art of the original design team’s concept - considering colors, textures, quality and spirit.

The object: To match factory perfection - and surpass it.

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