StreetSmart - Comfort

Ever drive on the highway and have to turn you stereo up higher just to hear it? All the time, right? StreetSmart has developed a system that cancels up to 60% of incoming road noise. The system also acts as a temperature barrier to help insulate against exterior conditions. Last but not least, it provides Acoustic Control - which gives your new speakers the proper acoustic environment to perform in.

The Result: Flawless Sound...

Noise Suppression and Acoustic Control

Have peace of mind knowing that when you leave your vehicle it will be the way you left it upon your return. Should you feel in danger, a push-button transmitter will launch the “panic mode” of your automobile - drawing attention and discouraging further threats.

Our Security Systems protect all entry zones of your vehicle, along with audible & visual confirmation.

When Big Brother needs to keep an eye on their automobiles, this is what they use. You can have the same technology to track your vehicles - whether business or personal.

Our GPS Technology uses the internet to display a simple, real-time map with detailed speed alerts and area restriction notification. Lock, Unlock, and Starter Disable can be added to be controlled remotely.

GPS Tracking

“That light pole wasn’t there before...”

Every vehicle has blind-spots. See what you’re backing into with an integrated Reverse Camera and Display that spans up to 175 degrees of view - for confident visibility.

Safeguard your vehicle, property, and the people around you.

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